BHP preferred insurance partner of Swim Ireland

Swim Ireland would like to inform you of the new relationship between Swim Ireland and BHP
Insurances Ltd who, as of 1st January 2013, is the insurance broker for Swim Ireland.

The Federation of Irish Sport (of which over 60 National Governing Bodies including Swim
Ireland are members) recently appointed BHP Insurances Ltd to operate a new group
insurance scheme specifically designed for National Governing Bodies, sports clubs and
individuals with a view to ensuring a good deal for sport. BHP Insurances Ltd has been
brokering community group schemes since 1998. Together with IPB Insurance Ltd, the
underwriters of the scheme, they will ensure that, should the need arise, members will receive
the back up of a fast, efficient and experienced claims service.

BHP Insurances Ltd is interested in having a real partnership with us in order to seek to
address the insurance needs of Swim Ireland, its Regions, Clubs and members. We enclose a
document explaining the new insurances and details of whom to contact if you have any
questions or claims to submit.

In particular, we are delighted to report that Swim Ireland has purchased enhanced cover for
our Regions, Clubs and members in the form of increased public liability cover and the
addition of ‘Personal Accident’ cover which now includes cover for certain medical, dental
and physiotherapy expenses, the detail of which is explained in the document. We have taken
this cover on in 2013 with a view to offering further support to our members but whether this
cover is sustainable in the long run will depend on the claims and associated premium costs
this year.

We also understand that BHP Insurances Ltd is willing to offer additional insurances to Clubs
for camps and trips abroad if this is required.

Insurance BHP Club Letter
Summary of Insurance Cover 2013
Certificate of Insurance 2013

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