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Associate Membership Insurance Cover

Swim Ireland offers membership and insurance cover to its certified
teachers and coaches. The insurance coverage is provided under the
auspices of Swim Ireland through the Institute Of Swimming (IOS) in the
U.K. Swim Ireland operates, administers and manages the scheme in
Ireland. This insurance is renewed on an annual basis.

Candidates who hold a certificate are covered only within the role of their
certificate for insurance purposes and they must act within that role to
ensure insurance coverage. Where a teacher operates outside the remit of
their role the insurance is null and void. Teachers and Coaches are only
insured to teach and coach within the parameters of Teaching and
Coaching syllabus that they have certificated qualifications in.

There is no insurance coverage with the I.O.S. for any person teaching
who has no Swim Ireland accredited qualification (or who has not
undertaken the equivalency procedure). You must hold relevant teaching
and coaching certificate to be eligible to take out insurance cover with
Swim Ireland.

To apply for insurance an application form, code of conduct form and a
copy of the relevant child protection course must be submitted to the
Swim Ireland office, the cost of which is €80.00 or £60.00 for the year. All
forms are available to download from our website,