education and development image, two coaches standing by a swimming pool

Licensing information for newly qualified Teachers and Coaches

In recognition of the training that Teachers and Coaches have undertaken to
gain their qualification and to make it easier for them to obtain a Swim
Ireland Licence, all new Teachers and Coaches (qualifications
gained from 1st January 2013) will be allowed a 12 month period of grace
(from the achievement date of the qualification as indicated on the
certificate) in which to apply for their Licence without having to attend the
normally required Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

This means that as a new Swim Ireland Teacher or Coach the required criterion

  • Swim Ireland Associate or Club Membership and Completed Licence application form
  • A signed Teacher/Coach Code of Conduct
  • Provide evidence of practical Teaching/Coaching experience
  • A passport sized ID photograph
  • Garda Vetting
  • ISC/SNI Child Protection Training

Any Teachers or Coaches applying for their licence after the 12
month period following their course will be required to apply via the
normal route (attending CPD seminars).