education and development image, two coaches standing by a swimming pool

What is Licensing?

Swim Ireland, in line with its Strategic Plan 2007-2012 has since December 2009 been implementing a licensing scheme for Teachers and Coaches. This licensing scheme is based across all aquatic disciplines within the Swim Ireland remit (Swimming, Masters, Synchronised Swimming, Diving, Waterpolo and Open Water Swimming) and is being rolled out across all 32 counties.

The purpose and benefits of licensing are not only to help raise, maintain and regulate standards of practice and help professionalise certain aspects and areas within the aquatics but also to help Swim Ireland reward and recognise those working within swimming both as volunteers and paid professionals for their achievement of qualifications.

Licensing is mandatory for all Associated Members of Swim Ireland since 1st July 2011. Your Swim Ireland Teacher/Coach license will remain valid for a period of 3 years and every 3 years Swim Ireland Teachers and Coaches will be required to renew their license, by following the mandatory criteria relevant to their qualification.

N.B.: Please be advised that the ‘Electives’ element of your Licence renewal is no longer a requirement.