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Under this Scheme, Swim Ireland can assess an individual’s aquatic qualifications obtained from another organisation/body and provide an equivalency based on full disclosure of the course undertaken and the copies of the certifications for same.

From an overseas perspective SI currently has around 40 different teaching and coaching qualifications registered on an equivalency database. This has been developed through the mapping of overseas qualifications onto the SI framework and allows the SI Awarding Body to issue Teachers and Coaches working within the aquatic workforce recognition for their prior learning. On an on-going basis, we are able to add to the overseas database and continue to encourage people from a range of different environments into our system.

If you wish to avail of this scheme please forward the following documents to the Awarding Body Department:

  • Photographic identification: (Passport, Driver’s License)
  • Passport size Photo
  • Photocopy of certificates
  • CV
  • Title of the certificate(s) and level, club where it was achieved.
  • Duration of course undertaken to achieve qualification.
  • Process of Assessment- Please outline in full detail practical and theoretical course work relating to aquatics.
  • Details of the course syllabus and topics covered.
  • Cheque or bank draft in the amount of €50.00 made payable to Swim Ireland. (This is non-refundable fee)

Based on the evidence provided, Swim Ireland’s Awarding Body will endeavour to indicate how the level of your qualification(s) relates to the current award/qualification(s) offered by Swim Ireland.

Please note that whilst every effort will be made to provide an accurate equivalency, this can only be an estimation based on the qualifications and info provided and not a direct transfer. Please make sure that all transcriptions and information are provided in English.

All documentation should be forwarded onto:

Swim Ireland Awarding Body
Swim Ireland
Irish Sports HQ
National Sports Campus
Dublin 15