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Policies & Procedures

Swim Ireland Delivery Body

The role of the Delivery Body is to ensure the delivery of all teaching and coaching courses, Continuous Professional Development Seminars (CPD) and the recruitment, training and on going support for Swim Ireland Tutors. The delivery body is also responsible for promotion and advertising for all courses and CPD.

Swim Ireland Awarding Body

The role of the Awarding Body is to award qualifications against nationally agreed standards and is responsible for the recognition and quality assurance for all courses. It is important to note that the Swim Ireland Qualifications are recognised by both the Irish Sports Council and Sports NI, Coaching Ireland and British Swimming and its constituent National Governing Bodies (WASA, SASA and ASA.)

The Awarding body also looks after Licensing and Associate Membership, Qualifications Equivalencies and re-issue of lost or mislaid certificates.

Please see below the Polices and Procedures for the Swim Ireland Delivery and Awarding Bodies.

Equal Opportunities in Swim Ireland;
Swim Ireland is committed to the promotion, principle and practice of equal opportunities across all of its aquatic disciplines, both as an employer, provider and as a facilitator of such practices by all its members. Please see our Equal Opportunity Statement below. [download id=”13″]

Reasonable Adjustment Policy and Procedure;
The following procedure outlines the details of adjustments that can be made within the assessments of courses to suit specific needs of the candidates where possible. [download id=”14″]

The following document outlines procedures to be taken in the event of a complaint. [download id=”15″]

Course results will be issued by the Awarding Body within 8-12 weeks of being received. Results will not be issued to any individual/employer requesting them prior to all course pre-requisites being completed. Results will only be issued to candidates by post only. [download id=”16″]

Issuing and Re-Issuing of Certificate;
For all queries regarding the issuing and re-issuing of certificates we have listed all applicable fees for same herein. If you have any further queries

please contact the Education Department of Swim Ireland on 01-625-1128 or by email at: [download id=”17″]