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Swim Ireland Vision of the Officials Committee

To ensure Swim Ireland develop an officials network at International, National, Regional and Club levels that features qualified, experienced, professional and passionate officials who represent Swim Ireland at a International level and contribute to the SI competition programme at a National level.

The members of the Swim Ireland Officials Committee are:
Ray Kendal
Mary Phelan
Barry Robinson
Frank Stevens (Secretary)
Gary Stoops (Chair)
June Traill

Introduction and Rational to the 2011-2015 plan

The existing development plan in 2007 – 2012 has been implemented and great progress has been made in developing what was previously a limited officials education programme and pathway. Between 2007 and 2010 successful outcomes that the Swim Ireland officials committee in partnership and the Swim Ireland education team have achieved are as follows:

  • A newly developed officials pathway
  • Successful implementation of a Fast track programme
  • Development of officials qualifications in line with the newly developed officials pathway
  • Officials courses piloted with some officials tutors trained
  • 17 officials currently hold an officials license and remain active within the SI system
  • New selection process for officials at National competitions
  • Increased numbers of officials on the FINA officials list for referee and starter

Moving forwards into the next cycle the Officials committee feel that Swim Ireland require a new and revised development plan which will help to manage operations of the new programme and will continue to build on the positive work that has been carried out by the current committee. The next phase of officials development will take place and will be detailed in the plan from 2011 – 2015. This new plan 2011-2015, is four years in length to coincide with the selection of officials for the relevant FINA International lists.

It has been identified that there are still gaps in the officials system that need to be filled and these need to be well managed over a long period of time in order for Swim Ireland to reach their outcomes up to 2015. Some of the current gaps which we envisage this plan to cover will include:

  • The need to complete an accurate audit of officials and their activity
  • Officials education programmes being operated at a National and Regional level
  • Club engagement in training officials
  • Effective officials course delivery and assessment
  • Innovative ways to encourage officials to support competitions across the National and regional calendars

Underpinning Values for the Development Plan

Swim Ireland will continue to invest in, develop and support a voluntary yet professional workforce that will work to support swimmers at all levels of development. Key priorities for all aspects of the development plan are as follows:

Quality Programmes and People, Professional, Inclusive, Performer-Centred and of course the Welfare of participants in our sport is always and will always remain a priority.

Important Documents

Officials Licensing Policy SI Officials Nomination Policy for Nomination to FINA Officials Lists; LEN Events; FINA Events 2011 to 2016 SI Officials Assessment Policy - Officials School SI Officials Assessment Policy - from Club/Regional Officials Courses