Licensed Officials



A Swim Ireland Officials License is the ‘authority/permit that allows a person to practice professionally in their selected field at the Level of qualification that the licence stipulates.’

Officials Licensing Policy

As per the above policy, in order to apply for an Officials License the following items must be in place:

  1. Be a Member of Swim Ireland
  2. Have been Garda Vetted or Access NI checked
  3. Have completed either the Irish Sports Council or Sport Northern Ireland Child Protection Course
  4. *Have completed the National Level Officials Assessment and been formally signed off at the appropriate licence level i.e. Judge or Referee
  5. Adherence to the Swim Ireland Leaders Code of Conduct
  6. Have completed and returned the Licence Application Form along with a passport sized photo

*National Level Officials may come from the Swim Ireland Officials School or have been trained through the Swim Ireland mainstream officials training at club or regional level. However all of the above must have meet specific assessment criteria including a technical paper and a number of poolside practical assessments.

National Referees
Wally Clarke
Brian Fallon (FINA Referee)
Phillip Fitzpatrick (FINA Referee)
Tom Fouhy
Mary Haughney
Alison Honan
Collette Kelly
Ray Kendal
Joe McCarthy
Michael McCausland (FINA Referee)
Michael O’Connell
Tim O’Connell
Mary Phelan
Jimmy Reilly
Barry Robinson (FINA Referee)
Mary Seery (FINA Referee)
Frank Stevens
Gary Stoops
June Traill (FINA Referee)

National Starters**
David Bell
Wally Clarke
Pat Daly
Brian Fallon
Phillip Fitzpatrick
Aidan Hickey
Ray Kendal
Kate Maher
Maura McCausland
Michael McCausland
Jimmy Reilly
Barry Robinson
Mary Seery
Frank Stevens
June Traill

National Judges**
Alison Bryson
Patricia Cleary
Helen Desmond
Pat Donovan
Kevin Dowling
AnnMarie Fadden
Roisin Healy
Susan Maitland
Anna Marie McHugh Murphy
Breda McLoughlin
Conor McMorrow
Stacy Morris
Orla Mullen
Diane O’Brien
Ita O’Hara
Wendy O’Neill
Nichola Power
Maggie Purcell
Gina Quinn

**anyone with a National Judge license is qualified to referee at Club or Regional Level (Meet License Level 2 and 3)