Quality Assurance​

Swim Ireland Education Department conform to the strictest quality assurance procedures;

  • All Tutor Assessors are required to hold a Swim Ireland Licence to practice (renewed annually)
  • Swim Ireland Education Team internally verify all course paperwork submitted
  • Swim Ireland Education Team internally verify all tutors through an onsite visit during practical delivery of a course (minimum of once a year)
  • Sport Ireland Coaching externally verify all course paperwork submitted to Swim Ireland by Tutor Assessors

Policies and Procedures

Swim Ireland Education Department are committed to ensuring the highest level of compliance and best practice surrounding the booking, delivery and awarding of aquatic education.  As such Swim Ireland have a number of policies and procedures available for information and guidance.


Education Policies & Procedures
  • Swim Ireland Equal Opportunity Statement 
  • Reasonable Adjustment Policy and Procedure 
  • Complaints Procedure (Results)
  • Health and Safety within the learning environment Policy 
  • Preventing Malpractice and Maladministration Policy 
  • Plagiarism Policy 
  • Candidate Booking Policy and Procedure
  • Refund Policy 
  • Course Registration Form