Fergal Somerville Completes 2013 North Channel Swim for Cancer Research

Congratulations to Fergal Somerville on his North Channel Crossing on Sunday, a fantastic achievement! Listen out for Fergus on Today FM today (Tue) at 11.20am where he will be talking about the swim.

See message below from Fergal -

Absolutely delighted to tell you I’m back from a gruelling (but actually quite enjoyable) North Channel Swim; going from Donaghadee to Portpatrick.

  • Job done in 12:21. Swim started at 5:00am and finished at 17:51.
  • Oldest swimmer to complete the crossing.
  • 4th fastest of 14 individuals to complete the North Channel.
  • 6th fastest time of 18 successful North Channel Swims,
  • This is the earliest recorded North Channel Swim and only one to have been in June since records started
  • Coldest temperature at an average of <10 degrees> that any of the successful swimmers endured.

I will be putting the story of my swim up on my blog over the next few days. http://fergalsomerville.blogspot.ie/


Blog                       http://fergalsomerville.blogspot.ie/

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