a group of children learning to swim

Adult Swimming

It is never too late to learn to swim. A number of swimming pools offer Adult Learn to Swim programmes so you would be learning with people of a similar age.

These programmes can also be good for someone who learnt to swim as a child and hasn’t been in the pool since. Most programmes will have an improvers section that would be suitable for someone in this situation.

If you feel you are able to swim, and don’t think lessons are for you, then why not join one of our Masters swimming clubs? Masters clubs are exclusively for those over the age of 19. Ages range from 19-84 depending on the club you choose, and abilities range from those who join for the recreational side and a bit of exercise to those who chose to compete at European and World Masters championships, as well as all of those in between. These clubs will have coaches on hand to offer encouragement and advice. Contact information for your local club can be found here

If you prefer to swim on your own but want a little bit of structure to your sessions, why not try out the So-Swim programme. The programme has four different levels, from beginner to advanced and each level comprises of a waterproof boxed set of 64 training sessions that will help you improve your fitness and give you something to focus on while swimming. Information on where to purchase one of these kits can be found here.

Swim Ireland also offer a Meet and Swim programme in a number of centres throughout the country designed for women who want to socialise and swim with other likeminded people. To find a list of centres currently involved, please click here