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Performance Swimming

Performance Swimming

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Swim Ireland is of the strong view that at all levels of what we do we have to share and live by a high performance culture; by simply sharing in this one belief we will ensure that we deliver a strong, sustainable system that will serve to achieve our ultimate ambition which is to consistently place high performance Irish swimmers on the World podium.

  • By setting ourselves high performance standards and living by these standards in all that we do, we can be better than we have ever been before.
  • By being flexible to meet the ever growing demands of our sport and developing innovative and Irish ways, we can ensure our system is at the forefront.
  • And we will do this by being uniquely IRISH in all that we do and say.

We require high performance not just in our high performance programme but across all levels of Swim Ireland programmes and communities. To ensure we deliver high performance on the world stage we all have a commitment to live by a high performing philosophy.