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Updated on April 8th 2015

Eligibility to Represent Ireland on an Irish Team

Swimmers wishing to be considered for selection to an Irish team must meet the following FINA rule:

“When a competitor represents his/her Country in a competition, he shall be a citizen, whether by birth or naturalisation of the nation he/she represents, provided that a naturalised citizen shall have lived in that country for at least one year prior to that event and further, that any competitor changing his affiliation from one national governing body to another MUST have resided in the territory of and be under the jurisdiction of the latter for at least 12 months prior to the aforesaid event”.

This means that any individual wishing to represent Ireland must be an Irish citizen. If the individual is a naturalised citizen they must have lived in Ireland for 12 months prior to the competition/event. If an athlete has changed affiliation from another governing body to Swim Ireland they must have been a member for 12 months before the competition.

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Some frequently asked questions regarding eligibilty include:

Q: I was not born in Ireland but one or both of my parents were born in Ireland. Does this mean that I can automatically represent Ireland?

A: No. Athletes will still have to satisfy FINA rulings before they are eligible to compete.

Q: I am a diver, not a swimmer. Do the same rules apply to me?

A: Yes, the eligibilty rules apply to all aquatic disciples.

Q: I have previously represented another country or National Federation. Can I still represent Ireland?

A: FINA rules dictate that athletes may only declare for one Federation. Athletes that have represented another Country or National Federation must satisfy FINA rules before declaring for Ireland.

Q: Where can I get more information?

A: For further information please contact the Swim Ireland High Performance Department by email at hp@swimireland.ie or by phone at +353-1-6251127. Additional information is also available on the FINA website, www.fina.org