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Carlton Irish Long Course Championships and Irish Olympic Trials - Thursday 1st March 2012

2014 Irish Age Groups Championships & Summer Open

The above competition is taking place from Wednesday 16th to Sunday 20th July in the National Aquatic Centre, Dublin.

The Team Leaders’ Meeting will take place at 8pm on Wednesday 16th July (after Session 1), in the Carlton Hotel. A reminder that all clubs MUST send a representative to this meeting – this representative can be from another club.

Scratches for the 800 and 1500 MUST BE MADE by 3pm on Wednesday 16th July. Any swimmer who is not scratched and fails to compete will receive a fine.

While session times are shorter than they were last year, they are still fairly long so we would advise that, where possible, clubs send relief officials down midway through sessions.

Approximate session times:
Session 1 – warm up 2.30-3.15pm – session 3.30-7.00pm
Session 2 – warm up 7.30-9.00am – session 9.15am-2.00pm
Session 3 – warm up 4.15-5.15pm – session 5.30-8.30pm
Session 4 – warm up 7.30-9.00am – session 9.15am-2.15pm
Session 5 – warm up 4.15-5.15pm – session 5.30-8.30pm
Session 6 – warm up 7.30-9.00am – session 9.15am-2.45pm
Session 7 – warm up 4.15-5.15pm – session 4.30-8.00pm
Session 8 – warm up 7.30-9.00am – session 9.15am-2.30pm
Session 9 – warm up 3.45-4.45pm – session 5.00-7.30pm

With an average of 600 swimmers competing each day, morning warm ups will be split by gender. On Thursday and Saturday, the boys warm up will take place from 7.30-8.15 and the girls warm up will take place from 8.15-9.00. On Friday and Sunday the girls will warm up first.

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