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Carlton Irish Long Course Championships and Irish Olympic Trials - Thursday 1st March 2012

2015 Irish Open Swimming Championships

The above competition is taking place from Thursday 30th April to Sunday 3rd May in in the National Aquatic Centre, Blanchardstown.

The Team Leaders’ Meeting will take place at 7.30pm on Wednesday 29th April, venue TBC. A reminder that each club must be represented by one or more delegates. A club (not a delegate) attending the meeting may also represent a maximum of one additional club. Any such representation must be declared in writing at the meeting. The representative is authorised to make withdrawals. A fine of €100 will be issued to clubs who fail to attend or are not represented at this meeting.

DRAFT Programme - updated 21st April Officials Roster - Irish Open Swimming Championships 2015 Irish Open Swimming Championships - Meet Conditions 2015 Irish Open Swimming Championships - Team Leaders Guide


We are operating a ticketing system for our Irish Open Swimming Championships this year. Members of competing clubs can avail of FREE tickets up to the 29th April by logging on to and selecting tickets for the relevant finals session (tickets are not required for morning sessions). Tickets will be available at the door, however there will be charge for these tickets so we advise you log on and book your FREE tickets now. Our aim over the next few years is to increase the profile of this competition both to the swimming community and to the general public in order to make the event a showpiece for swimming in Ireland. We are also looking to bring in a greater number of commercial sponsors to create an even bigger and better competition for our athletes. Part of this is the renaming/rebranding of the event as the 2015 Irish Open Swimming Championships. Tickets are not required for the morning sessions, only for the evening sessions.


Swimmers/Coaches who have accreditation do not require tickets, their accreditation acts as their ticket. In this regard, it is vital that photos are provided for all swimmers for their accreditation passes. If we do not currently have photos for your swimmers, could you please forward them on as soon as possible.