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Selection Policies for 20172018 International Competitions


2017 FINA Diving Grand Prix - Selection Policy 2017 Celtic Cup (Diving) - Selection Policy 2017 European Short Course Championships - Selection Policy 2018 Commonwealth Games Selection Policy & Standards - Swimming 2018 Commonwealth Games Selection Policy & Standards - Para-Sport 2018 World Schools Games Selection Policy 2018 European Junior Championships Selection Policy 2018 European LC Championships Selection Policy

2018 World Youth Olympic Games Selection Policy – subject to ratification from the OCI


Note from the NPD:

The selection policies for 2017 are to be seen as a bridging strategy into the selection policies for 2018 and onwards. You will note that the number of meets eligible for selection purposes have, generally speaking, been reduced across all levels of competition. In 2018, we intend to move to a one Trials selection process – the 2018 Irish Open Swimming Championships (which is likely to take place approximately 15-16 weeks prior to the 2018 European LC Championships). This would be the case for all athletes for all selections across all international meets, including athletes residing outside of Ireland. This statement gives athletes and coaches over 12 months to prepare for such a system. For athletes who foresee difficulties around this scenario in relation to examinations at school/university, the NPD and his team will assist with communications and negotiations with educational establishments to help remedy this.
This philosophy is a major component of enabling coaches and athletes to prepare for a peak performance within a particular and targeted period of time – an essential process when it comes to high performance international swimming. In addition, this would allow us to announce team selections within a much tighter time period after the Trials and assist coaches and athletes in early consultation and preparation.

Swim Ireland Team Selection Appeals Procedure