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International Competitions

2013/2014 Season International Competitions

Updated on April 9th 2014

The application portal is now open. To apply please click on the portal below:

 Points of Note: The above qualification procedures for 2014 offer swimmers the opportunity to achieve qualification for a summer international meet at two domestic competitions; the Dave McCullagh (March 14) and the Irish Long Course National Championships (April 14). In addition to these domestic meets is the option of ‘one nominated meet’. This option is only available if a swimmer who is based in Ireland attends a FINA recognised meet outside of Ireland in order to achieve qualification, or if a swimmer is based oversees and cannot attend the Dave McCullagh Meet. This nominated meet must be a FINA recognised qualification meet, which our regional meets are not. Two domestic meets is sufficient opportunity to qualify for a major summer event.

Please note: Only athletes who complete an application through the Application Portal will be Considered for Selection

2014/2015 Season International Competitions

Updated on April 9th 2014