Ice Mile Swimmers Take to Lough Dan

On 06 February,  Dublin’s Eastern Bay Swim Team will assemble 16 renowned winter swimming athletes at beautiful Lough Dan, County Wicklow. Each swimmer will attempt to achieve the unique milestone of an international ice mile; swimming one mile in less than 5 degrees of water; wearing only togs, hat and goggles.

Ice swimming is an extreme sport and only top swimmers are invited to the event. Strict qualifying criteria are upheld including ECG and medical assessment. Only 100 hundred swimmers worldwide hold the distinction of ‘International Ice Miler’. Through Eastern Bay’s involvement Ireland boasts the world’s third highest number of ice milers.

Previous Ice Mile Swims have produced 24 ice miles including a women’s world record (Sabrina Wiedmer 25:51 in 2014).  We have hosted swimmers from Ireland, UK, US, Poland, and Italy. The event is sanctioned by Swim Ireland, run under the rules of the International Ice Swimming Association, overseen by independent adjudicators and marshalled by experienced officials.

Action kicks off at 10.30am tomorrow.

3rd Eastern Bay Ice Mile (2015) A swim film by Vanessa Daws

2nd Eastern Bay Ice Mile (2014) Another swim film by Vanessa Daws

1st Eastern Bay Ice Mile (2013)

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