Meet licencing is a programme of classification of swimming meets designed to ensure that all swimmers can swim in competitions which are specific to their ability and that competitions of relevant levels are run to a uniform standard.

There are four levels of licence ranging from Level 1 which is typically an inter-club meet to Level 4 which are national championship events

The programme is designed to help support the national calendar planning process and support the Long-Term Athlete Development Pathway in terms of competition and training. Meet Licencing is coordinated regionally and overseen by a national coordinator (

Click here to access full guidelines, application form and referee checklist and report

Please note that clubs who apply for a Level 2 or 3 licence to allow their times be used as qualification for regional/national championship meets are still permitted to have 9 year old swimmers compete. The age restrictions are based on meet type, not licence level.

You will find a full list of Licensed Officials here

Any queries in regard to licencing should be sent to the coordinator in the relevant region: