Associate Membership

Swim Ireland qualified Teachers or Coaches can avail of individual insurance by becoming an SI Associate member. Associate Membership (Teacher/Coach insurance) is paid annually, due in the month of initial registration. Swim Ireland administer the insurance scheme on behalf of the Institute of Swimming (IoS). New members may join at any time of the year.

Associate members are given free non competitor membership of a Swim Ireland Club – please apply separately through the Club you wish to join.


Swim Ireland's licensing scheme is based across all aquatic disciplines within the Swim Ireland remit (Swimming, Masters, Synchronised Swimming, Diving, Waterpolo and Open Water Swimming) and is rolled out across all 32 counties.

The purpose and benefits of licensing are not only to help raise, maintain and regulate standards of practice and help professionalise certain aspects and areas within the aquatics but also to help Swim Ireland reward and recognise those working within swimming both as volunteers and paid professionals for their achievement of qualifications.

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Associate Membership Insurance Cover

Swim Ireland offers membership and insurance cover to its certified teachers and coaches. The insurance coverage is provided under the auspices of Swim Ireland through the Institute Of Swimming (IOS) in the U.K. Swim Ireland operates, administers and manages the scheme in Ireland. This insurance is renewed on an annual basis.

Candidates who hold a certificate are covered only within the role of their certificate for insurance purposes and they must act within that role to ensure insurance coverage. Where a teacher operates outside the remit of their role the insurance is null and void. Teachers and Coaches are only insured to teach and coach within the parameters of Teaching and Coaching syllabus that they have certificated qualifications in.

There is no insurance coverage with the I.O.S. for any person teaching who has no Swim Ireland accredited qualification (or who has not undertaken the equivalency procedure). You must hold relevant teaching and coaching certificate to be eligible to take out insurance cover with Swim Ireland.

To apply for insurance an application form, code of conduct form and a copy of the relevant child protection course must be submitted to the Swim Ireland office, the cost of which is €80.00 or £60.00 for the year. All forms are available to download above


Licensing is mandatory for all Associated Members of Swim Ireland. Your Swim Ireland Teacher/Coach license will remain valid for a period of 3 years and every 3 years Swim Ireland Teachers and Coaches will be required to renew their license, by following the mandatory criteria relevant to their qualification.

Licensing information for newly qualified Teachers and Coaches

In recognition of the training that Teachers and Coaches have undertaken to gain their qualification and to make it easier for them to obtain a Swim Ireland Licence, all new Teachers and Coaches (qualifications gained from 1st January 2013) will be allowed a 6 month period of grace (from the achievement date of the qualification as indicated on the certificate) in which to apply for their Licence without having to attend the normally required Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Seminars.

This means that as a new Swim Ireland Teacher or Coach the required criterion is:

  • Swim Ireland Associate or Club Membership and Completed Licence application form
  • A signed Teacher/Coach Code of Conduct
  • Evidence of practical Teaching/Coaching experience
  • A passport sized ID photograph
  • Vetting through Swim Ireland or Swim Ulster for Access NI
  • ISC/SNI Child Protection Training

Any Teachers or Coaches applying for their licence after the 6 month period following their course will be required to apply via the normal route (attending CPD seminars).

How to Apply

Associate Membership
  1. Application (through SI Database
  2. Vetting through Swim Ireland or Swim Ulster for Access NI
  3. Child protection training certificate obtained within the last 4 years (Sport Ireland/Irish Sports Council or Sport NI)
  4. Relevant fee
  5. Swim Ireland license application (through SI Database) if not already licensed

  1. Swim Ireland license application (through SI Database)
  2. Letter of reference providing details of your practical teaching or coaching uploaded to profile on SI Database. (Can be from Pool Manager, Swimming Coordinator, Head coach, Club Committee etc…) 
  3. Evidence of having CPD points (these should be visible on your profile on SI Database)
  4. Photo uploaded to profile on SI Database