Barry Murphy doing the breast stroke wearing a white cap with the tricolour on it

Barry Murphy

Date of birth
Aer Lingus SC/ Swim Ireland NAC Performance Centre
Paul Donovan
Main event
100/50 Breaststroke/Butterfly
Major international competitions competed in
2012 Olympic Games,
World Championships LC/SC,
European Championships LC/SC,
World University Games,
NCAA Championships
Best results to date
European Bronze Medallist - European SC Swimming Championships 2013 50m Breaststroke
WUGS Finalist,
European LC/SC Finalist
World LC/SC semifinalist

Irish Record Holder
Long Course Senior 50m Freestyle, 50m, 100m Breaststroke, 50m Butterfly, 4x100m FTR
Short Course Senior 50m, 100m Freestyle, 50m, 100m Breaststroke, 50m, 100m Butterfly, 100m IM
Inspirational quote
I do today what others won’t, so tomorrow I can do what others can’t.