Chris Bryan wearing a green cap with the Ireland flag on it and the number 16 painted on his arm.

Chris Bryan

Date of birth
Ennis S.C. & U.L. HPC
Lars Humer & Brendan McGrath
Main event
5 & 10km Open Water
Major international competitions competed in
European Championships (Budapest 2010, Eilat 2011, Piombino 2012)
World Championships (Shanghai 2011)
Best results to date
FINA World Championships 5km (2011) 8th
Olympic Marathon Swim Qualifier 10km Portugal: 14th
LEN European Championships 10km, Israel (2011):11th
LEN European Cup 5km, Turkey(2011): 1st
LEN European cup 10km Israel (2012): 3rd
World Grand Prix 19km Serbia (2012): 3rd
Inspirational quote
The coach sets the program, the athlete chooses success.