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August 2013

Vetting update

If you are working with children and young people in Swim Ireland or intend to apply for a position involving young people you should read the document Information for Swim Ireland Clubs and Members which contains important information that you and committees need to be aware of regarding the forthcoming National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Adults) Act 2012.  This Act is not yet operative, so this information is giving you advanced notice of how this new legislation will impact on vetting undertaken in Swim Ireland clubs.   Please read through this information and make sure you are working within the law when it is in operation.

Club Children’s Officers have already received this information.  Committees will need to ensure that they have all individuals in the club working with young people properly recruited and vetted as part of that recruitment process.  The recruitment policy is also attached for reference.

Please remember that vetting is one part of the recruitment process that is considered as good practice for the protection of young people in our clubs –and part of ensuring a fun and safe environment for young people.

Garda Vetting Information

Resource document for leaders giving some information on helplines, internet help – especially how to report illegal content, and many more links to save for information when you need it Making Sport Safer - young people

October 2012

Information on Changes to Access NI Checks required in Swim Ireland Clubs