In our Policies section you will find a complete library of Swim Ireland child welfare documents for clubs and members explaining what needs to be in place and procedures to follow.

Contact your Club Children’s Officer, Regional CWC rep or the NCO (children@swimireland.ie) for further guidance and advice.

Swim Ireland Child Welfare Policies & Procedures:

Swim Ireland Safeguarding Children Policies and Procedures

Codes of Conduct 2010
Combined Vetting Policy 2009
Communication Policy 2010
Photography & Filming Policy 2010
Photography & Video Permission - National
Photography & Video Permission - Regional & Club
Physical Contact Policy 2010
Recruitment Policy & Procedure 2010
Risk Assessment Policy 2010
Risk Assessment Process for Suitability
Statutory Bodies - Resource Information
Supervision Policy 2010
Travelling Policy 2010

Welcome to our Young People's Strategy – put together from the views of young people in Swim Ireland covering all the disciplines. Please post any of the pages on your noticeboard – or link the document on your website

Swim Ireland Complaints Disciplinary Rules Procedures

Further information of interest for guidance and help:

Briefing on self harm in sport
Internet Worries - converstation starters for parents
Internet Worries - conversation starters for young people