Vetting checks are required for any adult working with or responsible for young people in Swim Ireland. Vetting checks will be carried out by Swim Ireland and Swim Ulster through the Central Garda Vetting Unit (CGVU) for those who are resident in Ireland and through Access NI (ANI) for anyone working with young people in Northern Ireland.

The Swim Ireland  Combined Vetting Policy 2009 provides a full guide to vetting.  Some of the procedures described have been updated with changes in both the CGVU and ANI applications; however the decision process for suitability has not altered.


Additional Essential Information

Further information on the Garda process can be found in the Vetting Information September 2012 brief – this is a precursor to the changes expected in the forthcoming legislation. All Garda applications with addresses in NI must contain the relevant postcode; if the postcode is not included, your application will be returned by Swim Ireland and/or the CGVU. Postcodes can be found at the following websites:
The Access NI system has recently changed to an on-line process only.  You must follow the instructions on the application form – and you will be required to submit both payment (if due) and the ID validation form BEFORE your online application will be processed by Swim Ireland.  If payment and/or ID validation form is not received within three months your application will be invalid.


Application Forms:

CGVU process (for those who are resident in Ireland): Garda Vetting ID & Application Form

ANI process (for those who are resident in Northern Ireland): Access NI ID & Application Form

Please note if you are working in both jurisdictions you will need to undertake both processes. 

If you have any questions on the vetting process or requirements please contact either Ruth at  or Kate at