Garda and Access NI conduct vetting checks for Swim Ireland. These are best practice requirements for any adult working with or responsible for young people in Swim Ireland. Garda vetting checks will be carried out on all adults working with young people in Swim Ireland in Ireland and Access NI checks will be carried on on all adults working with young people in Northern Ireland.

Please read the Conbined Vetting Policy 2009 for a full guide to Vetting in Swim Ireland.

Information on Garda vetting can be found in the Vetting Information September 2012 brief.

Applications forms for Garda Vetting:

Garda Vetting ID & Application Form


New Access NI on-line application

AccessNI (ANI)are changing the processing of applications to an online system from 1st April 2015.  Applicants will be now required to complete an online application and an identification validation form.  Only the ID validation form is sent to Swim Ulster, and this must be received to complete the application process.

The following are important dates:

  • Monday 16th March 2015 current ANI application form will be removed from our websites. Applications after this will be processed using the new online system.
  • Monday 23rd March 2015 deadline for paper applications.  Paper applications on the current form will not be accepted by Swim Ulster after close of business on this date.  This is to allow time for processing and submission to ANI prior to their own deadline for paper forms.  If you have urgent applications to be processed please ensure these are submitted to Swim Ulster prior to 23rd March – thanks.
  • Monday 23rd March New ID Validation Form available. Click Here New ID validation form
  • Wednesday 1st April onwards all ANI applications can be done online.  After 23rd March all applicants should get the ID validation form completed, and ready to complete the online application process on 1st April.  This process is clearly set out on the ID validation form.

Just to note:

NO online applications can be processed by Swim Ulster unless the ID validation form and, if required, payment have been received.  Online applications will remain valid for 3 months; if your ID form is not received within this time your application will be rejected.

Paper applications may be submitted after the online system comes on stream only on the new form – the new paper application form can only be processed by ANI after 1 April 2015 (to avoid confusion this will only be available on our websites after 1 April).  However to keep administration costs to a minimum we are encouraging everyone to use the online application process – not only will this be quicker but it will also streamline the process in the office.  Paper applications will not be processed as quickly as the online applications – and this may hold up your ability to take up your position.

If you have any questions please contact either Ruth at  or Kate at