Swim Ireland launch Swim Clinics with Olympian Melanie Nocher

This year has seen the development of Swim Ireland Club Swim Clinics being rolled out in conjunction with Melanie Nocher ex Irish Olympian. The clinics have been developed to engage Swimmers and give them a great insight into what it takes to become a top swimmer and give them an extra boost towards the end of a long season. The clinics have also been designed to educate parents and work with coaches to ensure everyone involved in a club takes something away from the day.

The Support Officers have been liaising with all clubs in their region to find host clubs and then offering 5 places for clubs within the vicinity. Each clinic has the opportunity to hold approximately 30 swimmers

The first 3 clinics were delivered last weekend with a further 6 booked in Munster, Leinster and Connacht.

For the swimmers the swim Clinic typically consists of two parts:
In the water
• Stroke specific skills and drills
• Challenge sets
• Starts, Turns and Finish Practise
• Fun Relays

Melanie also has been taking to the water to demonstrate the skills, which has proved to be a real highlight for everyone involved.

Outside the Water
Melanie has met with the swimmers to offer an insight into training, nutrition, coping with disappointment, providing motivation and a chance for questions and answers.

As well as meeting and talking with the swimmers, Melanie has taken time to meet with parents and coaches to ensure they have been engaged throughout the session

For the parents the clinic has provided a chance for a discussion around:
• Areas within the sport they find challenging
• Balancing a Social Life with training and competing
• The benefits of sport whilst studying
• Supporting the swimmer if they are struggling to stay motivated
• How to use the time they are at the pool effectively
• Provide a chance for parents to ask any questions

For the coaches the clinic has provided a chance for a discussion around:
• Athlete coach relationship
• Dealing with disappointing swims
• My experiences with different styles of coaches
• Questions and Answers

At the end of each session Melanie brings everyone together for a final question and answers session and a last minute motivational talk. The clinics have been receiving great feedback and have so far been a great success.
Some of the feedback received so far:

Just a quick thank you! My daughter attended with Vikings Swim Club. She got great value out of the morning and really enjoyed it. I think the fact Melanie was in the pool with them concentrated the mind!

Thank you to Swim Ireland for the invitation and the swim clinic. From speaking to my own daughter and some of the coaching staff from Vikings I thought it was a very successful innovation. From the swimmers point of view getting an insight into the sacrifices that swimmers and their families make something which was really highlighted by Melanie in her talk to parents beforehand and to the swimmers. Her discussion on diet was very interesting and hopefully something the swimmers were listening to carefully. While I wasn’t party to the coaches discussion it would seem that they too got a good deal from her especially reaffirmation of the fact that what they are doing is right up there with best practice. Obviously direct feedback from the coaching staff would be hugely beneficial. Thanks again for a very interesting innovation.

We found the day absolutely brilliant, it exceeded all our expectations. Melanie was fantastic with the kids, coaches and parents and we all went away very happy and impressed with the clinic. The kids are in awe of Melanie and it was an amazing opportunity for them to meet her and hear her story first hand.
Thanks so much Swim Ireland for organising this and including us in it.
Barracuda Swim Team

Thanks very much for organizing Melanie Nocher to demonstrate her skill and experience with us in Kerry last Saturday. Our swimmers enjoyed the session and were delighted when Melanie got into the water and demonstrated some drills. She also spoke to the swimmers and their parents and even did some lengths for young children who were waiting to go into the pool as part of swimming lessons (not part of the club). All were thrilled to see an Olympian in our pool.
She even posed with swimmers for personal photos outside the pool even though she was in a hurry to get to Tipperary.
Melanie is a credit to swimming and a great ambassador to our sport.
Thanks to all who taught of this great event.
Killarney SC

If your club are interested in taking part in a clinic please contact your Regional Support Officer.

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