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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an essential element of being a successful swimming Teacher or Coach. It is vital to keep up to date with the most current practice and thinking in relation to swimming and aquatics. CPD helps with career progression and advancement, broadening Teachers’ and Coaches’ knowledge and equipping them with the skills to specialise in specific areas. It also provides confidence and credibility by ensuring the professional standard of Swim Ireland qualifications are at a consistently high level.

Swim Ireland CPD’s have been developed with all levels of aquatic Teachers and Coaches in mind. CPD seminars are delivered by trained Swim Ireland Tutors, Coaches and Teachers, who facilitate the sharing of knowledge to enable the maintenance and development of their aquatic knowledge and skills.

Swim Ireland now offer a NEW programme of CPDs with lots of different opportunities, all of which have their own benefits and can be tailored to meet the needs of the Teacher or Coach. Attendance at CPD can also assist with licencing.

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Types of CPD


The focus of a clinic is the swimmer. A Teacher or Coach attending any poolside session led by a more experienced Coach or Teacher, and which develops their knowledge base or skill set, is considered a clinic. There is no classroom based element and the learning is informal, delivered in a mentoring format.

Bespoke CPD

The focus of a Bespoke CPD is the Coach. The CPD should be underpinned by a theory session which should include a PowerPoint presentation to consolidate learning and an accompanying practical session.

Swim Ireland CPD

Swim Ireland CPD’s comprise of a menu of training opportunities for Teachers, Coaches and Tutors that are written and owned by Swim Ireland, and delivered by Swim Ireland Tutors. CPD’s will be reviewed annually with new content being added to the menu. <insert link to menu> Working on an updated menu for you

Swim Ireland Online CPD

This CPD option comprises of a menu of Teaching and Coaching development opportunities, in areas including governance, marketing, communication and anti-doping as well as the technical elements of teaching and Coaching. This will be delivered via our own bespoke Swim Training & Education Platform (STEP) . All online CPD’s are interactive and can be completed remotely with no requirement to attend any face to face training. <insert link to STEP>


A conference will be a one or two day, face to face opportunity for professional development. Conferences can be hosted by Swim Ireland and the Regions, or any organisation who have the capacity to deliver a one or two day education event. Conferences will consist of practical and theoretical sessions, including workshops, lectures, and interactive tasks.

To register for a CPD
To register for a CPD

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