Getting used to the water. Getting Fit. Getting faster. Me and the water

Getting used to the water. Getting Fit. Getting faster. Me and the water

As part of our Strategic Plan 2017-21 a Participation Department was formed in Swim Ireland to focus on increasing the number of people taking part in the aquatics across Ireland and to 'Get Ireland Swimming'.

We have been successful in receiving funding from Sport Ireland through Dormant Accounts (Community) and Healthy Ireland (Schools) and have three staff dedicated to rolling out the programmes.

Ashley Hunter is the Head of Participation. Shane Anders is our Open Water, Community & Schools Programme Manager with overall responsibility for those programmes. Rebecca Rolston is Participation Programmes Officer and is responsible for the coordination of Open water, community and school programmes.

Disability Awareness - Irish Sign Language

Many of our members are hard of hearing or deaf. There is a long history of deaf people excelling in Irish swimming and indeed several elite Swim Ireland coaches.

These members participate in Open Water Swimming races, as well as competing in national and provisional Water Polo competitions, but often experience barriers when trying to communicate with their team mates, coaches, volunteers and officials.

Therefore, in partnership with the Irish Deaf Society we have created an Introduction to The Irish Sign Language via a multi- media campaign, using videos and information sheets or booklets.

This introduction may help you communicate with your deaf and hard of hearing members /team mates, by providing some common phrases used within the Swimming Community.

Whether you’re a swimmer, coach or parent, it's time to learn some Irish Sign Language!

Top 10 Tips For Communication

Alphabet In Sign Language

For further information contact

Shane Anders

Shane Anders

Participation, Community & Schools Programmes Manager

+353 86 775 9954