Jump back into that sheer blue joy. Back into immersing your body and clearing your mind.

Jump back in knowing we’re determined to keep you safe, with increased safety measures to increase your confidence.

As the National Governing Body of Swimming across Ireland, we couldn’t be more excited for pools to reopen and for swimmers, young and old, to get back in and begin to rekindle their love of the water once more!

But we completely understand that for many, there may be concerns around returning to pools and gyms.

We recognise that your usual experience may differ with COVID-19 protocols in place, but we want to assure you that Ireland's pools are safe and ready for you to jump back in!

That's why we've put together this Jump Back In Guide to give you all the information you need to feel safe and ready to make our space your happy place again; and jump back into you!

We've also opened entries for the Swim For A Mile Individual Challenge to give you a simple training plan to follow in your own time, and a goal to focus on as you resume your relationship with water.

First, Let's Get The Facts:

  • COVID-19 cannot survive in chlorinated water, making the swimming pool one of the safest environments for exercising.
  • More than five million visits were made to 1,900 leisure facilities in the United Kingdom during the week of 5th - 11th October 2020, during which 156 customers reported testing positive for COVID-19, which equates to 0.00312% of those attending (UK Active)
  • A report by HIQA published in November 2020 notes that on one major study, leisure/gyms represented only 0.9% of their reported cases.
  • Leisure facilities, gym and swimming pool operators have undertaken extensive staff training and expenditure to ensure facilities are safe for the public to visit upon re-opening.
  • Gyms and pools are strictly-controlled environments. With contact tracing in place amongst membership, regular water testing and cleaning.
Now, Let's Remember Why We Swim!

Now, Let's Remember Why We Swim!

We all have a relationship with the water. But it's easy to forget the joy of immersing your body and clearing your mind, when you have been out of the water for so long!

Don't worry, the water is still there and swimming is still a sport for all and a sport for life. No matter who you are, what you look like or where you come from, the water will welcome you!

To find out all the benefits of swimming, even some things we bet you didn't know, click the link below!

Why Do We Love Swimming?
We have published expert guidance

We have published expert guidance

Swim Ireland has worked alongside industry experts to ensure we can provide you and pools across Ireland with the best guidance and recommendations for your Return to the Water. 

A series of four frameworks has been produced for the Aquatic Industry, supporting Facilities and Operators, Swimming Pool Users and Swimming Lesson Providers, in both the public and private sectors to map out a Return to Water. 

Review Our Expert Guidance
We have created a Return to Water guide for all pool users

We have created a Return to Water guide for all pool users

With the safety of all pool users at the forefront of our minds, we have created a ‘Return to Water Framework for Pool Users’, which highlights the continued requirements for mask-wearing, safe social distancing and enhanced hygiene regimes, along with guidance as to how this will impact on the different experiences you will have.

This guide includes details on;

  • What to do before leaving home
  • What to expect on arrival at the pool
  • And best practices to stay safe when you are in the water
Read Our Pool User Guide
Looking for a swimming goal?

Looking for a swimming goal?

Something to get you out the door and back into that sheer blue joy? Swim Ireland's Swim For A Mile Challenge now has an online Individual Challenge option.

You can download our training plan, set your goal and completion date, and follow the plan in your own time, at your local pool. Track your progress via your SFAM Dashboard, and when you reach your target, you'll get a Swim For A Mile goodie bag to mark the achievement!

If you can swim a little, you can swim a mile!

Your Pool is Waiting for You!

Your Pool is Waiting for You!

We have worked closely with Ireland Active, supporting the Leisure, Health and Fitness Industry across Ireland as Leisure facilities prepare to welcome you back under the expert guidance we have published.

All facilities are different though, so we would always recommend contacting your local pool for further information about their specific requirements, prior to arriving for your swim.

Whatever you need to get back into that sheer blue joy; Swim Ireland is here to support you on your journey to jump back in and Getting Ireland Swimming again.

Make our space your happy place again; and jump back into you