COVID-19 Officer

COVID-19 Officer

Any person intending to take on the role of COVID-19 Officer or Lead COVID-19 Officer can complete this training online, in their own time via our COVID-19 Officer e-Learning Course.

Job Description for Lead COVID-19 Officer

Job Description for COVID-19 Officer

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Overarching Documents

Overarching Documents

Guidance for Open Water Event Organisers - Republic of Ireland (17th June 2021)

Swimming Lesson Guidance - Republic of Ireland (3rd June 2021)

Framework for Swimming Lessons (3rd June 2021)

Guidance for Pool Operators and Swimming Pool Users (1st June 2021)

Indoor Training Guidance - Northern Ireland (1st July 2021)

Indoor Training Guidance - Republic of Ireland (1st July 2021)

Outdoor Training Guidance - (8th June 2021)

Draft Return to Water Roadmap (31st March 2021)