The responsibility and trust we hold

December 06, 2020

Some of you may have listened to me talking about our young people – and realised that their well-being and safety matters above all else. I am asking you today to take some time to think on the following in the context of young people:

1. Listen – to young people’s views and the words they use; these are important

2. Take ownership of what you can do – don’t be a bystander when young people have come to you for guidance

3. Be tolerant – we need to be tolerant and kind with each other, remembering some decisions today have been made for all of us; and there will be more such decisions in the future

4. Make the connection – we need connections with others, and recognition; saying ‘well done’, ‘can I help?’, ‘are you OK?’ shows you have noticed; make sure you do this for young people

5. Acknowledge the degree of change – nothing is normal or familiar; from a young person’s standpoint they may need help to understand

6. Be compassionate – give young people permission to not do, to take time, to recover.

Be mindful of meeting people where they are now, not where they think they should be, or wish they were.

Take these words of wisdom from Kate Hills, Head of Safeguarding, Ethics & Youth Development, with you this week, and see what difference they make to you, and the young people around you.

For further guidance sign up for our One Good Coach workshop or watch out for our Aquatic Parent Programme.