December 07, 2020

Swim Ireland's Associate Head of Performance Services (Physical), Paul Talty, is today sharing his top tips for staying healthy and well this Christmas.

Read. Absorb. Think of it as a checklist to keep in your mind as we navigate the next four weeks.

1. Be active

Don’t vegetate for the month of December. Get up and get active. Don’t forget, the gyms and pools are open again (at least for a while), so make use of them. And remember, no matter how small the amount: 'every little helps'!

2. Get outside

The benefits of the outdoors for our physical and mental wellbeing are well documented. Make use of the easing in travel restrictions over the Christmas period and get outside for a walk and some family time - or alone time, depending on how crazy it gets! I personally love walking along the beach in Lahinch to clear the head (and the hangover).

3. Avoid skipping meals

It can be tempting to skip a meal in the belief that it will make up for the extra treats you will have during the day. In reality, this will only leave you hungry and more prone to snacking, therefore increasing the treat intake. Get your breakfast, lunch and dinner in no matter what time you get up.

4. Drink plenty of water

While we can find ourselves consuming no shortage of liquid over the Christmas period, it is unlikely that this liquid will be doing much for keeping you hydrated. Make sure you are getting enough water in throughout the day, and this will help with digestion and soften the blow of the morning after the night before.

5. Take smaller portions

This is an obvious one, and also the most difficult one! But, Christmas Day aside, try not to overdo it on the creamy mash and the desserts on the other 11 days of Christmas!

6. Boost your immune system

The build-up to Christmas can be a really stressful period of time, and then the release of the days in and around Christmas Day can leave you a little more vulnerable. Give the system a boost with some Vitamin D and Vitamin C.

Most Importantly

7. Enjoy yourself and be good to yourself

We have all had a rough year. We all need a break! The most important thing to do this Christmas is to enjoy the Christmas Day splurge, knowing that it is just one day out of the year.

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to everyone!