October 21, 2020

We are delighted to announce our Baby Swimming CPD Series! Five weeks of Baby Swimming CPDs, aimed at Baby Swimming Teachers, with guest speaker Ulrika Faerch.

Ulrika is an industry expert in the field of Baby Swimming. She is an author of three baby swimming books, an international leadership coach and speaker, and specialises in family coaching and counselling.

These five Baby Swimming CPDs will cover some brilliant topics to help Baby Swimming Teachers improve their baby swimming offering within swim schools, but they could also benefit parents with swimming babies!

Swim Ireland - Baby Swimming CPD Series

1) A Brilliant Start: Guiding Parents and Baby Into Flow

This CPD will look at understanding and meeting the needs of both baby and parent for healthy development. The session will discuss songs, activities and routines that relax the nervous system, leading to harmony and optimal learning.

Thursday, November 12 - 09.30-10.30

2) Big Splash: Let Go and Let It Flow

You will learn about the hidden message of our emotions and what activities you can guide parents to explore, learn more about them in an engaging and fun way with their little ones.

Thursday, November 19 - 09.30-10.30

3) Swim Into Happy

The essential leadership that leads to growth, health and success. You’ll learn about good activities where parents will see their child in a new way and understand how much they may influence their child's learning.

Thursday, November 26 - 09.30-10.30

4) To Tango with the Terrific Two-Year-Old

You will learn about the circle of security and the human need of both security and waves in their life. You will also learn what activities you can guide parents in learning and becoming more aware of it in an active and interesting way together with their child.

Thursday, December 3 - 09.30-10.30

5) Creating the Village in the Pool

No baby comes with an instruction manual and no parent gets an instruction manual to become the best parent to each and everyone of their children. During this workshop you will learn more about what is important when we take a look into the future and the common pitfalls of parenting.

Thursday, December 10 - 09.30-10.30

Each Baby Swimming CPD in this series costs €15 and will earn Swimming Teachers 1 CPD Point. These are for continuous professional development, and for parental learning.

But if you are a swimming teacher, who would like to train to become a qualified Swim Ireland Babies & Toddlers Swimming Teacher, please email Csenge Deak at cdeak@swimireland.ie.

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