Bluefin's 'Back-to-Basics' Bonanza!

August 05, 2020

Based in Clarinbridge, Galway, Bluefin SC returned to training on 1st July in Kilcornan Pool. To celebrate our swimmers' return, we are sharing the emotions and experiences of the club members on that amazing day!

Head Coach, Helen Gunning - "This rare occasion to reconnect, relearn and reawaken our love for our sport, without pressure or promise, has put the team in a stronger place for next season."

Swimmer, Pola - "After returning, I felt alive and, I feel happy to see my friends again!"

Swimmer, Sarah - "It is much better being able to focus on my weak stroke, so I am speedier."

Swimmer, Miriam - "I grew during lockdown, so the retraining phase was like learning to swim all over again."

Swimmer, Isolde – "So excited!"

Swimmer, Mark - "The return to water has been an amazing, but hard, experience."

Swimmer, Kieron - "Returning to the water made me feel great! It was so good to get back after a long time off, and I love the home-point format."

Happy swimmers, happy coach. It's not perfect. It's not the same. But we are back in the water, getting stronger, fitter and faster once again!

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