Dive in - Online Workshops

June 04, 2021

Aisling McKeever is currently engaged in MSc. Education & Training Management (E-Learning), and is conducting a research project investigating if a multimedia resource can be used to help swimmers to better understand their sport.

Three online workshops have been created (link to website), intended for swimmers aged 8 years upwards or in their first year of club swimming, covering the following topics:

  • Equipment
  • Reading the clock
  • Swim Lingo

Club coaches have helped been invited to share suggestions and feedback at various stages of the research, choosing topics and suggesting changes to the resource and now swimmers are also asked to share their thoughts and ideas.

Swimmers aged 8 years upwards are now invited to try out the workshops (any amount they want) and share what they like, what should change and anything else that they think would help to make the workshops more fun and interesting for swimmers.

There is a feedback questionnaire on the website, that parents/ carers should help with and give their consent.

Participation is voluntary and anonymous. Swimmers or their parents/ carers can choose to name their club, primarily so the club can be acknowledged for participating.

A website (link to website) has been set up to host the three workshops, they each take about 10-15 minutes to complete. Also on the website is the link to the feedback survey and more information on the research. There is also a short video to explain the research to swimmers – Link to video

If you have any questions, please contact aisling.mckeever4@mail.dcu.ie