Learn from Chris Bryan's journey in two Instagram chats

February 02, 2021

Chris Bryan, Ireland's first athlete to compete in the Open Water events at both European and World Championships, has joined Swim Ireland's Open Water talks series!

Now a coach, managing a successful Swim Academy in Dubai, and boasting a PhD in Work and Sport Psychology, Chris is set to deliver two talks and Q&A sessions live on Swim Ireland's Instagram channel in February.

Stick these dates in the diary, follow us on Instagram, and get ready to join Chris as he dives into the world of Open Water swimming, hoping we can all learn from his journey!

Join Chris Bryan on Instagram Live

Session 1: Developing Confidence in the Open Water (40-45mins)

WATCH IT HERE: Instagram Live Chat 1

This session will follow Chris’s introduction to the open water and the difficulties he and most swimmers face when entering the nature of the unknown.

Chris will chat about the psychological benefits of open water swimming for both adults and kids, by diving into his positive experiences of open water swimming throughout his career.


• My story (pool swimmer and overcoming “the fear of the unknown”)
• Psychology of swimming and racing in the open water
• Connecting with nature in the Open Water
• The amazing community of Open Water Swimming

Session 2: Transitioning from Pool to the Open Water (40-45mins)

WATCH IT HERE: Instagram Live Chat 2

In this session Chris will explore the technical side of what it means to swim in the open water. Trading stroke range for stroke rhythm, developing swim gears and what a successful transition from the pool looks like for both age group triathletes or a promising 10km Olympian.


• Swimming as an endurance sport
• Transitioning from pool to open water
• Training for racing in the open water
• Races and routes to the 10km Olympic marathon

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