​121 Days – seems like a lifetime!

August 05, 2020

With 40 eager swimmers all rearing to go the Curragh Swim Team had last been in the water on Sat 7th March and returned on Tuesday the 7th July.

A long time with no pool time, dry-lands, team talks and no competitive galas. While the closure of all sports facilities was necessary to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 our coaches and swimmers were all eager to return.

Plenty of preparation and training from following protocols to new check in at pool time has meant that we are more eager to see training and competitive galas return in the future.

All the support from Swim Ireland; from the Executive supports to the swimmer ZOOM sessions were all great for connection and re-skilling but nothing beats being in the water.

The return to training has meant so many friendships were rekindled, early morning starts were greeted with enthusiasm and the hard graft of training was a welcome break from all things COVID.

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