March 22, 2021

Michael Murphy is a Swim Ireland Swimming Official, who is training to become a National Judge. Let's learn more about his experience in the aquatic community. . .

Q: What do you like about being a Swimming Official?

A: What I like about being an Official is the acceptance and inclusion in a sport I've always loved. From all my Colleagues through to Athletes. I enjoy being part of the Swim Ireland Family and they try to ensure that there is always a solution found to any problem that may arise.

I believe being part of this team has helped me immensely to grow in confidence thus allowing me to take further advances in my daily life.

Q: How did you get into officiating at swimming events?

A: I got involved in Officiating because my kids swim competitively. Their love of the sport began at a very early age, and I've been involved in some form since then.

I began attending their meets and rather than just sit on deck after they finished, I asked if I could lend a hand. I started off at Level 1 being a timekeeper. I then continued on to complete Level 2 with Tutor and Mentor, Mary Haughney.

I am now a Probationary Judge and one day I will be signed off as a National Judge.

Q: Have you always felt included by your club and swimming community?

A: I joined Sundays Well Swimming Club when my kids started swimming in a Club environment. I then got involved in the Committee, where I became the Club Children's Officer. From the very beginning I have always felt included and accepted by all the Committee and Club Members.

Q: What do you think is your greatest achievement in swimming?

A: My greatest achievement has been becoming a Probationary Judge, and working as part of a team with my Swim Ireland Family. I look forward with great honour to the day I’m signed off as a National Judge.

Q: Has your disability ever stopped you doing something in swimming?

A: Nothing has ever stopped me doing anything in any aspect of my life. I have always tried to overcome any obstacle that has been put in front of me. I have a very positive outlook to life in general and believe life is for living. Being part of Swim Ireland is a big part of my life and gives me immense pleasure.

Q: Who is your role model in swimming and why?

A: I don't have any specific Role Model, but I greatly admire all of the Irish Paralympic Athletes, particularly the Aquatic Team. For them to have reached the heights they have with their disabilities and continue to achieve is inspiring.

Q: What one thing could Swim Ireland change to improve our community for you?

A: From an Officials point of view with a disability, I would love to see if more pool decks and their surrounds had greater accessibility for wheelchair users.

Life is for Living

Life is for Living

Michael Murphy is a self-confessed optimist, who has grabbed life by the horns, despite the disability he has been dealt. He is rightly inspired by our Irish Paralympic Athletes, but we should all also be inspired by his attitude.

If Michael has made you want to become a Swim Ireland Swimming Official, the door is open.

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Diversity and Social Inclusion Policy

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