Reuse. Recycle. Create.

December 03, 2020

Making homemade things for Christmas decorations, presents and other accessories doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming, and can be more eco-friendly than buying new things!

Here are three Christmas crafts you can complete at home this weekend, without using any new plastic and, most likely, without making a single additional purchase.

1. Photo Christmas Wreath

1. Photo Christmas Wreath

Instead of buying a Christmas wreath for inside your house, we thought this would be a lovely addition to your decorations, acting as a reminder of good memories and the people we love, in a time when they are distant.

The first step is to make your Christmas Wreath Base out of any old wire hangers laying around at home. There’s a tutorial here to get the initial wire frame made, but skip adding any foliage. When your frame is ready, put it on some cardboard and mark out the inner and outer circle.

Cut out your cardboard circle and use wire to attach it to your wire frame. Now you have a base that you can glue – or Blutack - your photos and magazine cuttings to. Lay them out around the wreath, until you find a design you like, then start securing!

Once you’re done, find a nice thick ribbon, or even a festive tie that isn’t going to be used, and loop it through so the wreath hangs in it. You can use this ribbon or tie to secure it to wherever you want to display the wreath, or just tie a nice bow on the top as extra decoration.

2. Finger Paint & Potato Christmas Cards

2. Finger Paint & Potato Christmas Cards

A 'Happy Christmas' text or email just is not going to cut it this year! A homemade Christmas card is sure to make someone’s day – maybe even, their whole Christmas.

These stylish Finger Print Christmas Tree cards are colourful, simple, and ideal to get kids involved. There are instructions at the link, but you could simplify this further by drawing the Christmas tree lines, and writing your 'Noel' (or other greeting) by hand, straight on to plain cards.

This recipe has used ink to decorate the cards, but finger paints will also work, and you could also try other textures, like sponge, broccoli, or potatoes!

On this same theme, Molly Moo Crafts have some wonderful Potato Snowman, Penguin and Owl Christmas Card designs. They also have these Finger Paint Reindeer Christmas Cards, which includes a handy template download.

3. Cookie Cutter Salt Dough Decorations – and friends

3. Cookie Cutter Salt Dough Decorations – and friends

Just a few ingredients from your kitchen could make you some fun new Christmas tree decorations.

To make a batch of salt dough, mix 4 cups of all-purpose flour, 1 cup of salt, and 1.5 cups of warm water in a bowl. Knead until the dough is firm and smooth, then roll out, and cut desired shapes using your cookie cutters.

Remember to use a straw, or the end of a teaspoon handle to make a hole for string, so we can hang them up once they are done.

Lay them out on a baking tray and bake for 1hr at 200C, then allow to cool completely, before painting and decorating.

If you wanted to be really nifty, you could collect some seaglass from the beach first, and gently press them into the uncooked salt dough shapes, like this from Red Ted Art.

They also came up with these adorable Orange Slice Foxes, which would brighten any Christmas setting!