August 05, 2021

Following the successful roll out to our elite athletes of the Emotional Resilience & Leadership Programme (ERLP), MITOS continue to work with us to provide specific input and resources to support and enhance what you, as teachers, coaches, parents and guardians, bring to athletes and their families.

Naomi and Marie from MITOS will join us to explore what emotion coaching is, how to use it, how as a parent, guardian, coach or teacher you can gain greater understanding of what your children and young people may be feeling and experiencing, and how to support them in a way that brings connection and resilience.

Naomi is a parent of three children, aged 9, 12 & 15 and has been using Emotion Coaching personally and professionally for around seven years.

Marie is a performance coach and emotion coaching underpins all her work with clients.

Both have trained with Emotion Coaching UK and Naomi is an accredited Practitioner Trainer.

In one of the sessions we will be joined by Ryan Hartley, parent of two children and experienced leadership coach.

This six-week programme explores the many facets of resilience, providing key takeaways and simple tools to serve you in both your personal life and within Swim Ireland.

Sessions will include:

- Emotion coaching and why it works

- Neuroscience & mirroring

- Emotion coaching self & meta emotions

- Connecting & staying connected as a father

- Conflict resolution & setting boundaries

- Vulnerability & Authenticity

- EC in action, problem solving & understanding teens

- Extensive Q&A

Book your place on Emotional Resilience in the 21st Century (6 CPD points)

It starts online on September 9 and costs €100.00 for members / €120.00 for non-members.