Swim Ireland launches FREE online club support modules

April 02, 2020

We are very excited to be launching our very first interactive online modules for club committees. These modules are a first for the Swim Ireland Membership Department and we believe lead the way in providing support for club committees. 

These modules are a free resource aimed at supporting all parts of club management and provide committee members with an exciting interactive opportunity to learn more about the many different aspects of managing a club. 

As you work through the module you will have opportunities to watch informative videos from our very own members, complete interactive activities and work through scenario-based activities.

The first module to be launched is all about how to be an effective committee, which looks at being effective across all areas of club management. 

This online module is an essential support tool for all club committee members as it will show you the importance of being an effective committee whilst also giving you easy to implement action plan once you have finished. 

As part of this launch, we will also be offering 1 CPD point for coaches/teachers who wish to complete the course, as we feel it is vitally important for everyone within a club to understand how and what the committee needs to be responsible for.

We have been working on several other modules as part of this project and will be launching them in the coming weeks and months. These will look at the many different areas of the club such as holding effective meetings, managing finances,  creating development plans and holding AGM’s.

We are certain clubs will see the benefit in completing these modules and will find them engaging and beneficial to support them in their day to day operations in managing the club. We are also very eager to hear feedback so if you would like to provide this please feel free to get in contact with us through your Club Support Officer. 

To sign up and complete the Effective Committee Module please follow this link: Clubs and Community Online Training