'The atmosphere and camaraderie was something special'

August 10, 2020

'Kenmare Bay Swim Club is a small club based in South Kerry. We have a fantastic committee, team of coaches and swimmers, who all worked so hard during lockdown to keep everyone sane!' [Ben Merrigan]

'Our Head Coach Mike arranged weekly zoom calls with our Performance squad, a line-up that even the Late Late Show would be envious of, which included top class swimmers, triathletes and track and field athletes!!' [Luke Merrigan]

'Once restrictions had lifted, and the sea temperature was bearable, we started open water sessions. We swam three times a week. Each session we did was around an hour long and we did 3km – 4km each session. We swam in wetsuits every session because the water in the sea was too cold to swim in only togs. These sessions helped me to learn how to swim in open water, get my fitness back and get my technique back.' [Joshua Foley]

'We returned to the pool on the 6th of July. We each have an assigned spot for putting our gear and warming up. In the pool we are divided into three lanes. Family members are put together where possible. Our squad has the whole pool to themselves in the morning, so we are allowed to play music throughout the session.' [Holly Arthur]

'There were many enjoyable moments when it came to Covid swimming. We were privileged to enjoy some of the most beautiful locations in Kerry and Cork while open water swimming. I think the highlight of our Covid sessions was the swim we did across Kenmare Bay (3Km). We swam from Star Sailing across to Templenoe Pier. The atmosphere and camaraderie within the group was something special.' [Tommy Arthur]

'What I missed most during lockdown was meeting up with my friends. I didn't miss the early mornings so much, but I did like feeling energised afterwards. I mostly missed galas, as they are the most fun. It's a great feeling having your team cheering you on for an event. They are there for you too if you don't get the time you were hoping for. I'm looking forward to getting back to normal routine and seeing everyone in the water again.' [Tommy Meagher]

'Thank you to our coaches Mike, Laura and Tom, all the parents who did the COVID course, and Emma who is our lead COVID Officer, and all the parents for getting us the wetsuits and equipment we needed.' [Ciara Harrington]

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