May 28, 2020

The first draft of the Swim Ireland Season Plan for 2020-2021 is available now and should be read in conjunction with the associated Explanatory Notes document.

All members should note that this Plan is subject to change, particularly in relation to any Government phasing that takes place up to and including competitions commencing and any legislation that we receive in the months ahead regarding competitions, numbers permitted in venues and any other such similar guidelines.

Please also note that the Plan covers Scenarios 1 & 2 in relation to the 2021 Irish Open Championships (Olympic & Paralympic Trials) referenced as Sc1 and Sc2. Our preference will be to run with Sc1 but we may revert to Sc2 as and when we know when athletes on both sides of the border can return to training and prepare accordingly.

Dates for the 2021 LEN European Junior Championships and for the 2021 FINA World Junior Championships will be added once they are received.

Swim Ireland Season Plan 2020 2021

Swim Ireland Domestic Competition Plan Notes 2020 2021