August 02, 2019

FAO Liffey Swim Registered Swimmers

We hope you are well and looking forward to the Liffey Swim tomorrow.

Swim Ireland and Leinster Open Sea are aware there has been some concern over the quality of the water in the River Liffey this week. We have received all of the information and we have considered it very carefully and at this juncture our intention is that the race will go ahead.

The HSE have issued an advisory notice and we advise anyone registered to swim tomorrow to read the notice to ensure they are well informed of the contents of this notice in conjunction with the rules they would have signed up for with Leinster Open Sea and Swim Ireland at the start of the season.

There will be a further high tide tonight, which we understand will further dilute contaminants in the water.

All involved know there are risks associated with sea swimming but we understand a lot of people are very excited about swimming tomorrow. We urge all 650 swimmers to read the HSE advices and to make their own individual decision about participating in the race.

HSE Advisory -