April 30, 2020

Swim Ireland is challenging all clubs and members no matter what age to take on the May 21 Day Stay Home Challenge. The Stay Home challenge will provide 21 days of activities for you to complete and record to help you stay active throughout the month of May.

To help clubs, there will be prizes on offer for the clubs who can get the most members completing the challenge. Make sure you connect with us on social media and send us videos of how you are getting on.


1st - €500 Swim Ireland voucher

2nd – €250 Swim Ireland voucher

3rd - €250 Swim Ireland voucher

Here’s how it works

1. Identify a co-ordinator within your club to manage the challenge

2. Members to download the A-Z Exercise Activity Sheet and Scorecard, and watch our A-Z of Exercises video, featuring 26 Irish aquatic stars!

3. Each day through social media we will issue a word(s) that is associated to one of our aquatic sports.

Day 1 1st May - Competition

4. Match each letter from that word to the A-Z Exercise Activity Sheet, you can choose an exercise activity or an alternative activity the choice is yours.

5. Exercise for 20 minutes, using the activities you have identified for your word. Keep repeating the exercises in order until you have undertaken 20 minutes of activity.

6. Note on your scorecard how many activities you completed within your 20 minutes

Example: W-A-T-E-R-P-O-L-O

Walking lunges (20 Exercises)

Arm Circles (30 Seconds)

Triangle Push Ups (15 Exercises)

Elbow Plank (30 Seconds)

Right Side Lateral Plank (30 Seconds)

Plank Walk outs (15 Exercises)

Overhead Tricep Extension (15 Exercises)

Left Side Lateral Plank (30 Seconds)

Overhead Tricep Extension (15 Exercises)

Complete these exercises for 20 minutes and record how many of them you completed.

7. Whilst exercise is important to overall health and wellbeing there are many other aspects to consider. As part of the day’s activity you are also tasked with completing a mindful activity from the 5 ways to wellbeing actions. These also need to be recorded on your scoresheet. More information on the 5 ways to wellbeing can be found here.


Five ways to Wellbeing activities


Connect – Connect with someone outside of their household today


Be Active – Other than Swim Ireland challenge complete another physical activity today


Take Notice – What is something new you noticed, made you happy or inspired you today


Keep Learning – What is something new you learnt or experienced today


Give – Give your time or help someone else today

8. Once you have finished the 21 days, email your completed scorecard to your club co-ordinator who will collate these.

9. Club coordinator email all completed scoresheets to clubsandcommunity@swimireland.ie

10. Prizes will be announced first week of June