A lifetime on the board. A moment in the air. At peace in the water.

October 02, 2017

Anna Power is at home in the water.  

At 13, Anna puts in the same training as most professional athletes. “Diving training takes up 13–15 hours a week. l eat dinner in the car, train for 2 to 3 hours, and start my homework at 9pm.” This dedication and hunger to succeed has put Anna within the top divers in Ireland.

Anna believes that the bonds built through diving are key to success “Friendships and relationships are so important in diving. It’s the bond that keeps you coming back and wanting to compete again. There’s a sense of support and love from everyone.”  

At diving competitions, everyone – the spectators, the judges, the other divers – are watching her every move. “Diving in front of so many people in a competition is very nerve-wracking.”  

In the lead-up to taking the board, Anna works hard to maintain her focus. “Before a competition, I either drill my dives or listen to music, so I don’t psyche myself out.”

In competition when a divers name is announced, the crowd erupts. But as she approaches the board silence descends. “One minute everyone’s screaming and shouting, the next you could hear a pin drop.”  

As Anna steps onto the board, she can feel hundreds of people watching her. A second later, she’s spinning through the air, then disappears completely from sight. “When you’re underwater, there’s total silence. I’m not nervous any more, and I can enjoy the peace and quiet. It’s my favourite feeling.”   Me and the water.