August 16, 2018

Each Saturday morning in September, Swim Ireland Performance will deliver technical clinics on Starts and Turns at the National Aquatics Centre in Abbotstown Four sessions of skill and technique based Master Classes will be delivered by of our leading and world class National Centre Dublin coaches. The clinics will be appropriate for any swimmers who competed at the Irish Summer National Championships or the Irish Division 2 Competition in 2018

Clinics will take the following format:

Group 1

0700 - 0730 Land Preparation

0730 - 0830 Pool Session

Group 2

0800 - 0830 Land Preparation

0830 - 0930 Pool Session

Each week will have a particular theme and focus as follows:

  • Saturday 8th September 2018 - FULLY BOOKED

Dive Starts - this will cover butterfly, breaststroke and freestyle starts

  • Saturday 15th September 2018 - FULLY BOOKED

Backstroke Starts and underwater transition

  • Saturday 22nd September 2018 - ONLY A FEW PLACES REMAINING

Hand Touch Turns - this will cover butterfly and breaststroke turns as well as butterfly-backstroke and breaststroke-freestyle turns

  • Saturday 29th September 2018 - FULLY BOOKED

Rotational Turns - this will cover freestyle turns, backstroke turns and the backstroke-breaststroke crossover turn

As part of each session, athletes will have their start/turn filmed in order for the coaches to provide immediate feedback. This footage will also be made available for athletes to view after the clinic (athletes will receive access to their own personal footage as well as an example of a performance athlete performing the same skill) 


Each clinic is €35.00 per person per day with only 12 spots available in each group. Bookings will be taken on a first-come-first served basis


Each Master Class can be booked by clicking HERE