Level 2 Open Water Swimming Coach Recognition of Prior Learning

April 24, 2021

We are thrilled to be able to offer Qualified Level 2 and Level 3 Swimming Coaches with the relevant experience of open water swimming, the opportunity to go through the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) scheme to obtain their Swim Ireland Level 2 Open Water Swimming Coach qualification.

We are aware many clubs are now preparing to return to some form of training in an open water environment. To support those clubs and coaches, we are offering this opportunity for 2 WEEKS at the subsidised cost of just €100.

At 9am on the 10th of May, it will revert to the full price of €325.00 for a member and €375.00 for a non-member.

Swim Ireland recognise that experience is often just as valuable as a qualification or certificate in teaching and coaching swimming. As such, anyone who does not hold a formal Open Water qualification may wish to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning.

Open Water Coach RPL Requirements

Completing the RPL for Level 2 Open Water Swimming process requires you to hold the following;

  1. Swim Ireland Level 2 or Level 3 Swimming Coach qualification*
  2. Swim Ireland Safeguarding certificate
  3. Swim Ireland Vetting (Vetting NVB or Access NI depending on your jurisdiction in which you intend to coach)

*Anyone holding a Swim Ireland Level 2 Swimming Teacher qualification, and significant open water experience, is also eligible for consideration for RPL, but applications should be discussed by phone initially.

Please note: our Level 2 Open Water Swimming Coach qualification does not qualify you to coach swimming in an indoor swimming pool.

How to Apply for Open Water Coach RPL

To apply for the RPL for Level 2 Open Water Swimming Coach, you must;

  • Purchase the RPL ticket associated to this event
  • Complete the knowledge check via the modules found on STEP (you will receive access to these within a couple of hours of purchase of the ticket) - average time to complete these is 30 minutes per module
  • Upload a personal statement detailing open water swimming and coaching experience via STEP

This process can be completed within 3-6 hours, with award within 48 hours for successful candidates.

Please also note that applicants who submit an application who do not meet the minimum requirement for award, can utilise the payment towards the cost of the full Swim Ireland Level 2 Open Water Swimming Coach qualification.

If you are interested in this offer, please register here: Recognition of Prior Learning - Level 2 Open Water Swimming Coach.

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