April 28, 2021

As we begin our return to water, we reflect on what has been a very difficult year for the sport of Water Polo.

Our aim in 2021 is to get water polo back to where it once was and to begin to grow again. As we are still unclear on our date for return to our indoor facilities, and as part of re-building our sport, we want all of our water polo clubs to consider training and playing in the open water.

In order to do this we want to provide support to both clubs familiar and unfamiliar with the open water.

Open Water Water Polo Safety

The first thing to note is that, if you are planning on organising outdoor water polo sessions it is important to review the Swim Ireland Open Water Swimming Safety in Ireland guidance prior to undertaking any session.

We also recommend that athletes taking part in open water water polo training are aged 12-years-old and over, and have previously taken part in club open water training/activities prior to this year.

The second important note is that any coach who wants to deliver water polo sessions in open water must hold the Swim Ireland Level 2 Water Polo Coach qualification, and must also complete our four new Water Polo Open Water CPD courses prior to delivering any open water sessions.

Level 1 Water Polo Coaches are welcome to attend these sessions too, which will allow them act as an assistant to the fully-trained Level 2 Water Polo Coach.

If coaches are delivering sessions in an outdoor swimming pool, a Swim Ireland Level 2 Coaching (Swimming, Water Polo, Diving) qualification is required.

Water Polo Open Water CPD Courses

In order to carry out training and water polo sessions in the open water we are providing four, one hour CPD courses for all of our Level 2 Water Polo Coaches. These four CPD modules will cover:

1. Starting Water Polo Training in the Open Water,

2. Risk Management for Water Polo Sessions in Open Water,

3. Water Polo Open Water Safety and

4. How to Deliver an Effective Outdoor Water Polo Session.

These modules must be completed before clubs take to the open water for water polo. Clubs who have coaches who do not complete these modules will not be insured to take water polo sessions in the open water.

Each coach will be awarded one CPD point per session, and once all four modules are completed, water polo clubs will then be insured to re-start their water polo training sessions in the open water, in line with current Swim Ireland, Government, Sport Ireland and Sport NI guidance.

Bookings for these four modules are now open and can be found on the Events and Courses section of the Membership Database.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to drop Aveen Colvin, Water Polo Education Support Officer, an email on aveencolvin@swimireland.ie

Register for Water Polo Coach Open Water CPD

Register for Water Polo Coach Open Water CPD

Click the link below to find all our CPD modules. Level 2 Water Polo Coaches are insured to coach Water Polo in Open Water if completing all four modules, and Level 1 Water Polo Coaches can assist fully-trained Level 2s if doing the same.

Water Polo Coach CPD