April 22, 2019

Swim Ireland are pleased to announce our second annual Performance Coaching Conference will take place in Dublin on Friday 17th & Saturday 18th May 2019


Alongside Swim Ireland Performance Team Members Jon Rudd, Ben Higson, John Szaranek and Paul Talty, we have exciting practical and/or lecture hall based workshops from some of the world's leading practitioners, including:

  • Arilson Soares de Silva - World Record breaking coach to Andrii Govorov
  • Steven Tigg - coach of World Champion Duncan Scott
  • Craig Lord - the world most renowned swimming journalist and activist for clean sport
  • Wayne Goldsmith - world leading swimming psychologist from Australia

The full timetable, and some background on each of the speakers, as well as booking information for the Conference can be found HERE


It would be great to see you in Dublin in just over two weeks time if you are able to join us!