March 15, 2019

Swim Ireland are pleased to announce our second annual Performance Coaching Conference will take place in Dublin on Friday 17th & Saturday 18th May 2019


Alongside Swim Ireland Performance Team Members Jon Rudd, Ben Higson, John Szaranek and Paul Talty, we have exciting practical and/or lecture hall based workshops from some of the world's leading practitioners, including:

  • Arilson Soares de Silva - World Record breaking coach to Andrii Govorov
  • Steven Tigg - coach of World Champion Duncan Scott
  • Craig Lord - the world most renowned swimming journalist and activist for clean sport
  • Wayne Goldsmith - world leading swimming psychologist from Australia


The full timetable, and some background on each of the speakers can be found HERE


To book a place at the Conference click HERE


It would be great to see you in Dublin in just over two months time if you are able to join us!