September 01, 2021

Applications for the Regional Skills Academy Programme will reopen from September 27 until October 8, with the first virtual day taking place on October 16 or 17. This gives clubs time to complete affiliation.

The programme is open to registered competitive swimmers born 2009 and 2010, who are looking to improve as a person and as an athlete. No competitive results are required.

The Skills Academy Programme is very much about building a love and interest in the sport of swimming.

It will provide support in areas that can help young people as they start their swimming journey, a journey that will hopefully see them achieve their goals, develop life skills and offer fun experiences.

It is very likely that some athletes born in 2009 have never competed in a Regional or National competition because of COVID-19, so if you are new to the sport this could be a great way of getting involved in a programme that will involve up to 400 athletes from all clubs across the country, and hopefully you will get to meet some of these athletes at competitions over the next 12 months.

If you are interested in getting involved go to the Swim Ireland Regional Programme 2021-2022 information page and click on the relevant booking portal link.

Please direct any queries to your Regional Pathway Development Coach:

Leinster and Connacht, Mark Lappin

Ulster and Munster, Mark Craig